I’m Ali Deng

A graphic designer based between San Francisco & Shanghai, who specializes in Identity design, branding design,  editorial design,
web design, and UX/UI.

I’m passionate about exploring both functional and pragmatic designs to achieve my desired aesthetic. I wish to help my users and clients find and understand the romantic qualities in the mundane. I’m good at seeing the beauty in the details and effectively managing my time around doing so. I like to challenge myself and constantly think about different ways to solve problems to find the best solutions and approaches for any given project.

Before becoming a graphic designer, I studied film directing and editing at Sichuan University of Media and Communications and completed my practice and internship in an independent studio. The experience helped me develop the ability to think through different aspects and observe the details that others would not usually notice. It also contributes to my ability to communicate and cooperate with others. I will always be eager to learn, communicate, and grow. I will also be looking for opportunities in cultural integration, brand orientation, and community development.

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US: +1 415 919 8921
CH: +86 15388268866

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